Creative Ways Of Storing Your Clothes

One of the most common problems most people have is having lots of clutter and excess clothing lying around their homes with nowhere to store them or keep them. You may think that you are alone in this problem and that you are the only one with a chair full of clothes that you transfer on to your bed during the day when you need to use the chair and then back on to the chair when you need to use your bed but rest assured, this is a very common problem that most people face.

Hanging your clothes rather than folding them

Most people try to store their clothes by folding them and stacking them one on top of the other but this does not help the storage issue as much as they think it does. Stacking your clothes one on top of the other means you will not be able to find them in a hurry and that you will most likely end up taking all of them out of the wardrobe or cupboard when you need something specific and leave them lying around somewhere or putting them back messily in to the wardrobe thereby taking up more space. What is advisable instead is to hang them on skirt hangers, shoes hangers and other hooks that will help you to not only store more clothing in one area but will also make your clothing extremely easy to locate. Visit this link for more information regarding skirt hangers.

It would be useful for you to go online and do some research about the different ways of storing clothes and the different and creative ways of using skirt hangers that are available to you. As an example, there are many ways that you can manipulate a wire hanger to be able to hang your shoes and even your scarves to save space. It is useful to have your racks in layers that enable you to hang more than one layer of clothes at a time in order to save more space.

In fact, most people resort to buying more and more wardrobes, clothing cupboards and clothing racks to store these clothes but it rarely ever does solve the problems that people have. One reason that this does not work is that eventually you are going to get more clothing and the same clutter issue is likely to occur, and the other reason it does not solve the problem is that having many wardrobes and cupboards in your home is no better than having clutter lying around the house.