Sea shore themed DIY decorations

If you live near the sea shore, or your parent’s house is near a seashore or someone who just loved the beach and would like to keep a part of it near you all the time and want to decorate your house, then here are some gorgeous decorations that you can make from seashore materials.

Bowls of sand

For this you will need a balloon, seashore sand and an adhesive like glue to make the sand stick together. If you have seen the video to make the chocolate bowls, then this is a similar craft but with less fragile materials. Get your balloon done first and then mix the sand with glue (the mix should be viscous so the sand can drip downwards) and then dip your balloon’s flat side onto the mixture so that it covers the rubber balloon to at least one third. Then turn the balloon with the sand upside down and hold for a few minutes till it drips down. Then for the last step, gently place the balloon with the sand covered end onto a flat surface and put in the sun for drying. After it has dried, just pop the balloon and you will have a bowl made of the sand stuck onto your beach towels, get more info at

Shell candles

This is one of the easier things to make. Just get wax that is white or whichever color you want the candle to be of. Then take some precious shells, wash and clean and dry. Next step would be to pour the wax onto the curved side of the shell and place a wick while it is still watery and wait till it hardens properly.

Shell hair pins

This is another one of the easier ways to make some authentic decorations. So while you are lying down on your beach towels, make sure to collect some smalls shells scattered around you and bring them home. Wash, clean and properly dry these shells and grab some bronze or antique looking hair pins (without any decorative item on it). The hard part would be to stick the shells onto the metal pin and make it stay. So when you are picking an adhesive, make sure to get one that can make anything stick to metal. Sometimes you can even go as far as welding (but this is not so DIY unless you have done it before). Another way to get the kids to help out is to collect the sea shells, wash and clean and dry them properly and help them make a sea floor in a bottle by adding the shells onto a bottle or a glass jar and adding blue colored water.

3 Frequently Asked Questions On Taking A Business Online Answered

Online business transactions have become very common within the last few years, and is the preferred method of buying and selling goods and services for most individuals. Especially for the modern man and woman who do not have much time at their disposal to go shopping for each and every requirement as and when they come up, searching for, purchasing and paying for a product all via a website sounds like a dream come true. If you own a business that is yet to explore the opportunities and possibilities of e-commerce, then there may be a few things that are holding you back. Take a look below to see if any of your doubts can be cleared out so you can seriously consider taking things to the next level with your business;

1. Why Has It Caught On So Well?
Almost every business that has gone online has been able to achieve the ends they were hoping to and even more. There are many reasons for this resonant success of online business of which the most significant one is the cost-effectiveness to both the customer and the business. Another point is that it is so easy to get online these days. Website hosting was once a tedious task that was to be dreaded as there were so many procedures and protocols to follow, but not anymore. Many supporting companies offer this service and all you may need to do is give the specifications and within a few days, your online portal will be up and running.

2. How Does It Benefit Your Business?
There is a large number of benefits to a business from opening up an online portal, among which some are worth highlighting. Firstly, it is a low cost method of starting up a brand new marketplace. If you were to rent or buy a property for a shop and warehouse, hire employees and pay utility bills for a physical store, you will have to incur so many different expenses just to get the place ready. But with a website, you are foregoing all of these costs and overheads, check this perfect HK web design. The only costs involved will be with regard to the website hosting and development which are minute in comparison to the start-up costs of a physical store. Next, there is the ability to reach a larger customer base with very little effort. Anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to view information about your company, take a look at the products you sell and even place orders. Also, you will be able to easily track customer preferences and identify the products which are most in demand. This will help you in deciding stock-holding levels and order quantities for products.

3. What are the Risks Involved?
It is good to also look at what the downside to going online could be. There is a greater need for transparency to customers and this can result in the availability of company information to outside sources such as your competitors and hackers who are looking to place orders and purchase products with sham credit/debit card information. Make sure that you take proper precautionary measures to secure your information and that you use a secure payment portal for your transactions in order to avoid credit card fraud.